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About The SEOFOMO Chat

The SEOFOMO Chat Forum is the space enabled for SEOs subscribed to the SEOFOMO Newsletter to connect, discuss and share about the latest SEO news, updates and resources in a constructive, open and helpful environment. 

To start with a strong foundation, SEOFOMO will be invite only first in the alpha phase and will eventually become open to any SEO who wants to join and comply with the forum rules. 

The SEOFOMO Chat Forum Rules


When participating in the SEOFOMO chat, please be aware that users agree to:

  • Contribute by asking, answering and discussing SEO news and topics, independently of the level, there’s no “too basic” question or topic here.

  • Be descriptive, concise and clear on your contributions, questions or answers, making them in the relevant section.  

  • Search first if your question or topic has been already tackled before asking a new question to avoid duplication.  

  • Be honest, constructive, kind, respectful, professional and generous when contributing and interacting with others. Help and treat others as you wish to be helped and treated. 

  • Link to the original source when citing others’ information, whether internally or externally.  


Users will be banned if they engage in any of the following activity: 

  • Only ask questions without helping others. You should equally give and take. 

  • Behave unprofessionally: Showing a lack of respect, harassing others or sharing hate speech, sexist, racist, negative or destructive remarks or comments to or about others. No inappropriate remarks or swearing comments will be allowed. 

  • Do spammy self-promotion. You’re allowed to refer to your own work but in a non-salesly manner, only when is relevant and while also referring to other alternatives at the same time too.  

  • Share black hat or spammy techniques.

  • Talk about people or companies negatively, focus should be on topics instead.

  • Share affiliate or sponsored links.  

  • Share about “off-topic”, non-SEO matters. The scope of this space is SEO.


Users can also help to flag any misbehavior in a post through the post features.


The goal is to keep the SEOFOMO Chat a constructive space!

Who's behind the SEOFOMO Chat Forum? 

Aleyda Solis, SEO consultant, speaker, author and founder of the SEO consultancy Orainti, is the founder of SEOFOMO, including the Chat forum. You can learn more about Aleyda here 

If you have any feedback or want to get in touch, just let me know over here.

Thanks for visiting the SEOFOMO Chat Forum. 


Created by Aleyda Solis, SEO Consultant | Get in Touch

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